Special Olympics

Staff September 16, 2020 0
Special Olympics

The Special Olympics is the largest organization in the world when it comes to organizing games that are inclusive of both children and adults with different types of disabilities. Founded in 1968 by Eudice Kennedy Schnider, this association provides training and counseling for athletes with special capabilities and organizes year-round games and championships that pit over 5 million participants from 170 different countries.

While they put together competitions and events every day, the Special Olympic World Games is a major, world-famous competition that pits the best athletes of every sport against each other to decide who is the “world champion”, in a fashion similar to that of the Olympic games. They are also separated between Summer and Winter categories and happen every four years.

While not as popular as the Olympic games, the Special Olympics are a wonderful event that gives many athletes an opportunity to excel and shine, so we hope their popularity and fame grows in the coming years!

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